an economic shift is backed by data

Machine Intelligence is a prediction technology. Technology revolutions tend to involve activity that becomes cheap like the cost of communication or finding information. Finding information means more search. More search means more data. Data means more research. Research for the research. That’s fine….. really. The economic shift will center around a drop in the costContinue reading “an economic shift is backed by data”

market wrap 02.12.20

The Dow closed at 29,551.42 – up 275.08 The Nasdaq closed at 9,725.96 – up 87.02 The S & P 500 closed at 3,379.45 – up 21.70 The Russell 2000 closed at 1,689.38 – up 11.86 Clearview have triggered more concerns than acclaim. Here’s How To Stay Sharp: Heighten Your Focus