market wrap 06.30.22

It’s clear enough sign of the impact Western sanctions are having on the Russian economy. Story in Newsweek US President doubled down on blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the United States’ domestic woes. Story in Daily Mail The Dow closed at 30,775.43 – down 253.88 The S&P 500 closed at 3,785.38 – down 33.45Continue reading “market wrap 06.30.22”

news watch 06.30.22

Bitcoin set for largest quarterly drop in a decade. Bitcoin is below $20,0000. Deutsche Bank, the first major bank to predict a U.S. recession in the current inflationary era, now sees a chance that price gains won’t come off nearly as much. Story in MarketWatch Corn lower; Wheat and Soybeans higher. EUR-USD is below 1.050.Continue reading “news watch 06.30.22”

market wrap 06.28.22

Four major economies and the weather. Story in The New York Times Defining this week’s market. Video on TheStreet When lawmakers return from 4th of July recess, Democrats will be racing to finalize a scaled-back economic spending package. Story in Fiscal Times Exxon CEO Darren Woods indicated that energy prices are likely to remain elevated.Continue reading “market wrap 06.28.22”