market wrap 11.03.20

The Dow closed at 27,480.03 – up 554.98

The S&P 500 closed at 3,369.16 – up 58.92

The Nasdaq closed at 11,160.57 – up 202.96

Stock earnings are in broadly ahead of expectations.

Financial sectors led the way for stocks today.

Spot gold was up .78 % and crude oil was up 2.91%.

10-year US Treasury yields were higher.

USDA Crop Progress Report

US corn harvest is at 82% complete vs 69% five-year average.

Illinois corn harvest is at 89% vs 83% five-year average.

US soybean harvest is at 87% complete vs 83% five-year average.

Illinois soybean harvest is at 93% complete vs 88% five-year average.

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