this trade situation

U.S. trade is still the biggest issue for traders and investors.

The trade conflict has been at or near the top of concerns affecting the U.S. stock market. Forward movement has been slow or has stopped when it comes to trade negotiations between the U.S. and China.


There were some good signs. China agreed to import more agricultural goods and President Trump delayed more tariffs. But, really no new major progress has been made. This situation has influenced U.S. monetary policy.

On Friday (09.20.19) has their worst day in nearly a month thanks to the Chinese trade delegation cancelling two farm visits in Nebraska and Montana. Not exactly super big news in a normal situation. But this isn’t normal.

President Trump said he wasn’t interested in a partial agreement with China. Talk of a U.S. – China interim deal helped the markets early in September.

Trade is still a big unknown. The Fed is divided and Trump may use that as a reason to escalate tariffs.

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