the infrastructure report

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) unveiled their report card of the United States infrastructure. The results aren’t good and show a major challenge for the country.


They report there is a 4.6 trillion dollar shortfall in infrastructure spending by 2025.

The overall grade is a D+. Ouch!

Some of the category grades are as follows:

  • Bridges C+
  • Drinking Water D
  • Aviation D
  • Roads D
  • Solid Waste C+

President Trump is proposing a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan over a ten year period. That takes us out to 2027, with a shortfall of 3.8 trillion dollars in eight years, according to the ASCE.

A good, solid infrastructure is vital to a strong economy. The U.S. has fallen way short of keeping up with what’s needed or will be needed. We need to start taking care of ourselves. We have to come together to prioritize projects and make sure tax monies are spent properly. We face challenges, but if we go to work now we’ll overcome them.






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