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What type of money manager are you?

Type 1: You will be successful once you overcome your insecurity, realize your own potential and have confidence in your own creative possibilities.

Type 2: You  have an instinct for success and money increase if you serve humanity and regard money as a source to help you enjoy your life.

Type 3: Your success depends on your commitment and your self-esteem.

Type 4: You’re successful when you live by your own potential and patiently let your creativity flow.

Type 5: You love to achieve success but from a safe framework.

Type 6: You have goals and ideas you want to achieve professionally according to your own self-confidence.

Type 7:  You are successful when you integrate the law of giving and taking. You take a holistic attitude towards success.

Type 8:  You have a more materialistic view to success. You love competition and status.

Type 9:  Your success is a natural offspring from your service to humanity.

What you think will determine how you act with money, and that in turn influences the flow of money.

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